we could call ourselves a Consulting Agency, but we prefer...

Small Business Champions. Branding Hard Hats. Next Step Ninjas.

We do the work of moving your small business forward. Whether that means a website, branding direction, business strategy, or guerrilla marketing. Whether you've only sparked the idea or have been chipping away at it for years. We have your back.

In Greek Myth, Hestia's nickname is "The Forgotten Goddess".

So, we like to think that Hestia worked hard all day keeping the fire lit for her community, then after the Gods fell asleep at night she worked on her  ETSY craft or grew her start-up like the rest of us. Like many people, she had a job to do during the day, but perhaps she also ran the "second shift" doing the work she cared about at night.

Here at Hestia Projects we are devoted to helping people, who like Hestia, perhaps have a dream to start something of their own. Maybe they don't quite know where to start. Maybe they have begun but need a little help.  Either way, we know first hand what it means to put everything you've got into a new venture. And we're here to help.


Hestia Projects Owner, Andriana Spence, started a children's accessory company in 2008. She ran it for 8 years after which it was sold in the Spring of 2016. Over the years she has operated a "side-side" project doing branding, marketing and web design for small businesses, which has since grown into what you see here at Hestia Projects. 

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Services Offered

- Web Design

- Branding + Strategy

- E-Commerce 

- Publicity + Marketing 


- Start up Website: We are small business champions, and all businesses big and small need a strong web presence. Our websites are perfect for all industry and function simply and cleanly. All websites are created on platforms that are easily edited by the client once the design and customization is complete. The power is left in your own hands. Project Rates: $750 and up

- Branding Construction: We call ourselves Branding Hard Hats for a reason. Because we are willing to do the work! Sometimes a client is only in the idea-phase or could already be fully branded but needs help to define and focus the business. In any case, it's the kind of work we love to do.  Consultation Chats: $150/hr. 

- E-Commerce/Start up Website:  If your brand needs e-commerce within its start up website, we can customize and build this to make it easy for you to manage your online business as it grows. Rates: $1000 and up

- PR/Marketing:  Need help launching your brand once your online presence is complete?  We can discuss simple and straight forward targeted marketing efforts. This can include media/press outreach, printed materials (business cards/flyers/posters), and more.  Please contact us for a quote.